Andy Henly

Andy Henly


Andy Henly

When are you on air?

Saturday 1-3pm

Tell us about your show...

A mixture of the best new music and the greatest hits of all time.

What was your first job?

Paper Boy

What was the first song you bought?

Elvis Presley – Way Down

What has been your best/worst radio moment?

Worst radio moment was breaking the news that Princess Diana had been in a car crash. Then how the whole mood of the show changed after the news broke that she had passed away. My Best moment was being asked to rejoin the old GWR network of radio stations a year after leaving them and being paid more to do it.

Best thing about being a volunteer at Chippenham Hospital Radio?

Chippenham Hospital Radio was my first ever radio station. I learnt my trade at the station which gave me the opportunity to pay my mortgage off in an industry I loved. Being back at Chippenham Hospital Radio is my way of saying ‘Thank You' to the station.

What are the things that really wind you up?

Rude and Ignorant people

If you could interview just one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Frank Sinatra

Favourite film:

Back to the Future

Favourite TV show (s) as a child:


Favourite TV show (s) as an adult:

Dad's Army

Favourite song:

Zoom – Fat Larry's Band

Favourite food:

Cottage Pie

Favourite holiday destination:

USA – It is like being in a foreign country but with everybody speaking English and eating burgers

Favourite place in Chippenham/Wiltshire

Having a quiet drink or meal at The Rivo Lounge

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